Rominimal: Feeling down by all the options out there? Here are my 9 thoughts that keeps me going

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Honestly I’m feeling like starting all over from scratch again with this rominimal music production game.

What I’m talking about is VCV rack and modular synthesis paired with rominimal.

It’s a hot topic right now but also, the learning curve is quite steep I would say.

And I see some similarities of starting out with rominimal music production and starting out with VCV rack because on some level it actually feels like that I need to learn a new DAW with unlimited functions for my rominimal production game.

So if you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and demotivated by all the tools and all the possibilities out there to create rominimal not just by modular or vcv rack, but in general regarding rominimal & micro house music production this video is for you to hopefully help you out a little bit to keep things going.

Time stamps:

00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Rominimal Ableton Live Kick Template
02:04 – Why mindset videos like this ones are not doing well for rominimal production but ironically are the most important ones in my opinion
02:28 – How this video can help you out if you feel stuck or frustrated regarding rominimal production
03:07 – It finally starts: Get the small wins to keep the creative juice flowing and motivate you
03:41 – Knowing the Purpose of doing things in your rominimal productions (no matter what the topic is)
04:28 – not having a clear goal in mind for your rominimal tools
05:01 – Wanting to use too many tools at the same time – limit yourself
06:05 – Thinking in a structured way – knowing at least the basics of a tool
07:18 – Stick to a handful of resources to learn something new
08:14 – Don’t rush the process – Enjoy the ride of rominimal production
09:00 – Having the wrong expectations from your rominimal production output
09:52 – Not setting a specific goal
10:56 – Learning new tools: Trial and Error first – then reaching for the manual
11:53 – Summarized thoughts to keep you going in your rominimal production game
12:55 – What it all comes down to in the end
13:30 – Recommended Action step

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