Rominimal Experiment: Is it possible to create complex rominimal basses with just one-shot samples?

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:


What do you need to create a groovy driven, complex sounding bassline? Plugins, analog gear, modular gear, the latest synthesizer advertiset by some fancy schmancy music magazine? Of course, no offense you can use whatever fits your needs. But for those who are limited I wanted to show a little bit of a different approach to this with sounds that could even be some found sounds from recordings from your environment.

In this video I want to share some approaches on how to use one-shot samples and a free max4live device to create some groovy basslines that are actually usable inside a track.


Time Stamps:

00:00 – A little bit of a different approach to creating ro-minimal basslines
01:10 – create custom Ro Minimal Ableton Kicks with this free template
06:39 – Audible example of ro minimal project
07:47 – choosing the right sounds for ro minimal bassline
08:13 – MDD Snake (Port of Make noise René Eurorack module) for sequencing the bassline
09:08 – adjusting the notes
11:41 – make your one-shot sample rominimal bassline more complex by adding another one-shot sample layer
12:45 – LFO: Your best friend to add a little more subtle dynamic to your bassline
16:17 – Using another Kick sample to make a low-tom interacting low-end for your ro-minimal track
18:54 – idea no.2: layering in different ways
19:59 – Jamming out arrangement ideas with the kick layer
21:42 – getting more advanced: Using 6 different one-shot samples and play them in random
23:47 – Rominimal & Micro house bassline created with one-shot samples only
25:28 – Summarizing the concept and steps so you can adapt the concept for your very own rominimal bassline.
26:25 – BONUS: Quick live Arrangement test: how does the bassline work inside a track
30:10 – Quick summary again: All sounds in Solo: Counter part to your main rominimal kick
32:33 – A good basslines is worth nothing if its not paired with the “right” Kick sound. I recommend downloading my free soft but snappy ro-minimal ableton Live kick template that let’s you customize your kick according to your bassline with just a few handy clicks.

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