Rominimal Experiment: Is it possible to create abstract rominimal Textures without using a synth?

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What do you need to create darker vibe textures and evolving sounds? The experimentation with stock plugins and a handful of tools like echos, resonator, frequency shifter and of course some LFO’s and envelope followers goes on for my rominimal production inside Ableton Live.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of using loops for making music, simply because I always thought they limit my creativity and workflow and are somehow “cheating”. It’s not.

But, for this video, like last week’s one, I wanted to experiment a little bit and crush some of my and maybe yours as well – potential “limiting beliefs” with the goal in mind to create some evolving darker sound textures without even touching a synthesizer.

And Again, I was inspired by Delia Derbyshire, a woman who sampled found sounds in the 1960’s where no synthesizer existed at all and thought, ok, maybe I can try a similar approach of using some samples and loops that are already laying around on my computer.

In this video I want to share some approaches on how to use one-shot samples and loops as inspiration to create some textures that are potentially usable inside a track.

Now, why is this useful? First I think limitation always enhances creativity because we need to think a little bit in a different direction and come up with some other ideas like usual.

Second, if you get bored by the tools you always use, maybe try a similar experiment by using foundsounds or basically any sound you can find to create something different sounding out of it.

Third, by doing so we don’t have excuses anymore to not make any music at all. If a mother was able to create electronic music in the 1960 without even using a synthesizer and you don’t have the ressources to get a synth, then just get found sounds and start with that, there is sound basically everywhere around us that we can use in rominimal.


00:00 – A little bit of a different approach to creating ro-minimal Texture Sounds
00:16 – Why I don’t like to use Loops for my rominimal tracks that much (but I still do)
01:28 – Who Actually inspired me for this video
03:20 – Create custom Ro Minimal Ableton Kicks with this free template
05:00 – Using Loops as inspiration: Extracting Melody for our texture
06:23 – Our main sound delivery for rominimal textures: A simple Sampler
07:37 – Cutting the sample and trigger it with different notes
08:55 – Envelope follower & Resonator: A great team for your rominimal texture creation
11:34 – Adding more Ableton Live Effects to our rominimal track’s texture sound
12:30 – Recording our tweaks and jam and print it to audio
13:21 – Ableton’s Echo is great for rominimal textures and evolving sounds
15:24 – Experimenting with more tweaks and effect settings
17:06 – Using a drum loop as sound source to create dark rominimal textures
17:59 – Alien like texture built out of a d

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