Rominimal: Don’t clutter the arrangement with new sounds: Use the recycling audio technique instead

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

Melda MWaveshaper (Create unique custom distortion waveforms) Free tool mentioned in the video:

Those two techniques are my current favorite ones when it comes to design new sounds. Basically you can repeat the resampling as many times as you want, leading you deeper and deeper into new sounds.

The best of all: They are simple, but always lead to unexpected and custom sounds and I found they are fun to create.

After editing this video, I actually used this very sound that I created in this video to spark inspiration for a new track. So it seems like it works.

Hope this also works for your very own rominimal productions.


Time Stamps:

00:00 – I almost forgot this simple but powerful technique for rominimal production
01:03 – Rominimal Ableton Live Kick Template
02:13 – The whole idea behind the “recycling audio” for your rominimal track
02:52 – The rominimal Track we’re working on in today’s vide
03:31 – Explaining the What I call ”Recycling audio” technique in detail in an practical example of a Ro-minimal track inside Ableton Live
05:59 – The Importance of recycling audio A-B in context (Rominimal Ableton Live)
07:19 – The Steps to take to make use of this “recycling audio” technique for your own rominimal tracks
08:06 – Step 1: We need a sound source to mangle or recycle best case would be something that is already inside the track
09:45 – Audible Example A-B make a boring snippet make “shine”
09:51 – Step 2: Mangle it with effects
10:21 – Step 3: Tweak and record (resample) the sound.
12:43 – Step 4: Optional repeat the process again add effects, resample again or pitch it up down, shorten the decay and so on
13:48 – Step 5: find a part that you like – repeat the process to dive even deeper
15:10 – Example of my effect chain that I used for my rominimal track
15:41 – Draw your own unique distortion curves with Melda MWaveshaper freeware
20:01 – Second Simple way to use the “recycling audio” technique for your rominimal tracks: Searching Rhythm within the rhythm
22:27 – Let’s jam around with this technique a little bit and see with what we can come up with for our rominimal track inside Ableton Live
23:14 – Working with Ableton’s Echo for some texture kind of sounds for our rominimal track
25:42 – Final result vs. Beginning sound
26:21 – Summarize all the steps and final thoughts for you

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