Rominimal: Barac inspired tripped-out minimal sequences (Jam Session)

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

Time stamps:

00:00 – If you like Barac – this video is for you
00:36 – A DJ Set from romanian artist Barac inspired me for this video & rominimal track
01:54 – My free gift for you: Highly Adjustable Ableton Live Rominimal Kick Template
02:59 – Where the inspiration came from
03:39 – Choosing the samples for this barac inspired rominimal track
04:35 – Mangle the loop for a rhythmic sequence for our rominimal track
07:46 – Testing different other loops to see what fits
09:28 – Adding a second layer for our rominimal track
13:20 – Quick A/B
15:12 – Testing another loop for our second layer
17:36 – Quickly adjusting the kick for our rominimal track
18:25 – Quick A/B 2
19:22 – Processing the Group of our rominimal rhythm sequences to make it more complex
20:42 – Quick A/B 3
23:56 – Creating Percussions out of our bassline track
27:00 – Final thoughts and your action steps

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