Rominimal Ableton (Dark): 5 Steps to create custom abstract fragment sounds with any sample

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack inspired by Petre inspirescu, Barac and so on to quickly kick off your next track with a deep rolling kick:


So a couple of days ago I listened to some more darker kinds of rominimal tracks and I found they often have some random triggered short bursts of sounds, often times weird texture sounds.

Now what I found is, that those sounds and tracks often live by a lot of delays echos and so on.

So I went on and experimented with a simple clap layer a little bit with some delays, and some soundtoys plugins and Ableton’s stock plugin and yeah in this video I break down the simple steps you can take to create a similar result like I did and best of all, you can use it as a framework and than experiment with samples of your choice so you don’t need to use samples for that.


Time Stamps:

00:00 – Audible Example of how to create dark abstract rominimal fragment sounds
00:47 – Approach and explanation on how to work with this framework & video for your own rominimal Tracks
02:15 – Download my Soft but snappy rominimal Ableton Live Kick Template
02:54 – Step 1: using a sound source and trigger it
03:39 – Step 2: Rominimal dark abstract sound creation: record all of it to a new channel.
04:45 – Step 3: Rominimal dark abstract sound creation: Find the sections you like & Slice it up
06:01 – Step 4: Rominimal dark abstract sound creation: Trigger our custom made fragments randomly with MDD Snake
06:37 – Step 5: Rominimal dark abstract sound creation: Spice it all up with more effects
09:30 – Step 6 (Bonus): Rominimal dark abstract sound creation: Don’t underestimate Ableton’s stock plugins (Echo)

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