Rominimal Ableton: Create your own drum racks to increase inspiration & speed: Drumrack tips&tricks

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About this video:
Recently I reverse engineered some Ableton Live Drum racks and checked how they were made and did some research. My goal is to create a new “go to” Rack that I can use Inside my #Rominimal Ableton Live Sessions.

So what I came up with, are some useful tips I think could also other ppl help and inspire out there for their very own micro house or ro-minimal productions inside Ableton.

Hope you like it, cheers.

Time Stamps:
00:00 – Important intro 🙂
01:30 – Some basic section of the drum rack to give you a little bit of clarity.
02:08 – Tip 1: Creating 128’s with Drum racks and your favourite Samples
03:51 – inserting Instrument into Drumrack Cell
04:10 – Samples import
04:25 – important step: Chain tab
05:05 – Select Zone editors for all samples
05:20 – Distribute Samples Equally
05:30 – creating Macros for Sample selections
09:27 – the benefit of this workflow
10:10 – tip 2: Different routings within drum rack
10:31 – return chains within drum rack
12:45 – different routing for effects inside Drumrack
14:54 – Using an Insert Effect on a Certain sound
16:04 – Tip 3: layering sounds inside Drumrack with ease
17:48 – Tip 4: Choke groups for OH/CH
19:58 – Bonus Tip: Extracting a Chain from Drum rack
22:47 – Bonus Tip: Simply assign macros to different knobs
26:28 – Soft but snappy ro-minimal kick template example, inspired by Petre Inspirescu, Barac and so on.
20:57 – summarized

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