Rominimal: 6 mindset lessons from a Jam Session (creating a rominimal afterhour track inside Ableton

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:


00:00 – Intro to rominimal jam session
00:50 – Audible example what we’re going to create in this video (rominimal Afterhour vibe track)
01:31 – how to approach the starting phase of a rominimal track
02:50 – Rominimal Kick template inspired by rominimal artists like Barac & Petre Inspirescu and so on
03:36 – Key Lessons from this Jam Session that you can adapt to your very own #rominimal Ableton Sessions
03:52 – starting off with jamming, finding the groove
05:32 – creating live recording to create to make your rominimal arrangement easier: Tension & release
06:15 – example of how creativity works: sculpting a statue out of a raw rock
08:42 – adjusting the bassline
11:40 – adding a vocal to our rominimal track
13:04 – fixing the pitch with Ableton’s clip setting for our rominimal track
15:13 – adding answer sound to our main synth sound for later use in our arrangement
18:24 – how the layer sounds in context of the arrangement
19:07 – your action steps and the 6 lessons summarized again for your to adapt for your own rominimal & micro house tracks

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