Rominimal: 4 ways to use Ableton stock plugins for sound design & groove

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack inspired by Petre inspirescu, Barac and so on to quickly kick off your next track with a deep rolling kick:


00:00 – Is Ableton Live good enough for rominimal production?
00:42 – Soft but snappy rominimal Ableton live Kick Template
01:38 – How I think about Ableton’s Stock plugins
03:12 – Using “hiss” on our rominimal clap to make it more dynamic, crunchy & bigger without using delays or reverbs
08:48 – Adding more drive and groove to our rominimal hi hats with simple Ableton Stock plugin tools
11:15 – Using Filter delay to create subtle “tension & release” inside the arrangement
14:29 – Using Frequency shifter to create quirky rominimal percussion sounds
15:18 – let’s experiment with some other tools on those frequency shifter to create kind of tonal fillers
17:44 – Creating crunchy abstract rominimal fragment sounds
21:16 – quirky crunchy rominimal abstract fragment sounds audio example
21:52 – creating tonal fragments out of those recordings
26:13 – Create punchy rominimal kicks inside Ableton Live with instant minimal device
27:08 – Create your very own customized kicks inside Ableton Live with my minimal drum rack

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