Rominimal: 3 Ways to shape your rominimal & micro house sounds with Ableton Live Stock plugins

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:ü

Oftentimes we get told that we need to have the craziest gear on planet earth instead of just focusing on the things we already have at our fingertips.

At the moment I’m intentionally limiting myself to either stock plugins or max4live devices.

Partly because I’m too lazy to buy new things and secondly because I want to save ressources like money & energy and time for researching and of course space on my hard drive or even CPU

So for this weeks video I want to share 3 Sound shaping techniques that I experimented with that are all simple Ableton Live Stock plugins so if you have Ableton live Suite, you can adapt and let yourself inspire by those techniques so to hopefully write the rominimal & micro house tracks you desire the most and pick out what works for your style & workflow.


Time stamps:

00:00 – How and why this video can be helpful to you
01:04 – Free Rominimal Ableton Live Kick Template
02:40 – The idea behind this week’s video
03:17 – First technique: Layering Noise for your rominimal / Micro House productions inside Ableton Live
16:45 – Second technique: “Custom Swing Machine” – add custom made swing to your rominimal Ableton Live tracks
24:07 – Third technique: Random Percussion Sounds
28:51 – Bonus: Make use of the Sampler effects
34:38 – Final thoughts and one very important trap you need to avoid for your rominimal / micro house game

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