Rominimal: 3 tools to use to generate random darkrominimal textures without touching a synth

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How can we make random texture bursts without touching a synthesizer? The answer of course is sampling.

But what tools can we actually use for that?

In this video I wanted to share 3 simple and effective tools that we can use for random texture hits that potentially lets you create whole tracks out of it without touching any notes on the keyboard or fiddling around with synth plugins and it almost creates a rough arrangement already for you as well.

Ressources mentioned in this video:


Radio80 VCV Rack Module:

Scenery Max4live adaption from radio80:

Textures from BBC Radio Station:

Chris’s Soundcloud:

Do it like Chris and finish 2-3 tracks a week:
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Time stamps:

00:00 – How can we make random dark rominimal texture bursts without touching a synthesizer?

00:44 – How I “found” this tool – Background story
01:50 – Soft but snappy ro-minimal ableton Live Kick template
03:16 – Audible example on what we’re working on today
04:16 – Adding quick textures with the rominimal “vinyl pronk” machine
07:50 – First tool for “make sound” application
08:59 – Let’s sample a random radio station and jam around for our darker vibe rominimal track
13:03 – Second Tool for making random sfx shots for your dark rominimal tracks
14:20 – How to find texture sounds if you don’t have any at hand for your rominimal tracks
15:34 – How to control VCV Rack 2 Pro inside Ableton Live without using random sources inside vcv rack plugin for your rominimal tracks
18:20 – Third tool for making random sfx for your darker rominimal micro house tracks
20:47 – Final result in context – all sounds are sampled meaning I was not using a synth (except drums & bassline (VCV Rack2))
21:37 – Talking about where the sound sources are coming from incl. Simple bassline Patch from VCV Rack (my recent “go-to” bassline patch for my rominimal tracks)
21:40 – Showing you my simple go to rominimal bassline patch inside vcv rack
22:37 – Why this approach keeps you out of the loop stage for your rominimal tracks
24:10 – Summ it up for your
26:36 – Following the minimalistic approach for music creation and final thoughts

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