Rominimal: 10 inspiring creative answers to adapt from a producer that was remixed by rhadoo

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Remix of Rhadoo:

Ricardo Villalobos remix:


00:00 – What this video is all about
01:13 – My story & reason of this video
01:57 – Question 1: How do you start a track
02:50 – Question 2: Is it important what gear we use to produce music?
03:29 – Question 3: How do you get your head around if you get new gear/plugins?
04:15 – Question 4: Your top 3 learnings about production in the last 6 months?
05:00 – Question 5: How do you think of other producer’s tracks?
05:35 – Question 6: How do you explore new sounds?
06:11 – Question 7: How do you challenge yourself inside the studio?
06:34 – Question 8: How do you manage your time with other commitments in life?
07:54 – Question 9: Is it important to mix our tracks?
08:18 – Question 10: How important is it to receive proper mixed demos, is it affecting your decision?
09:11- Four key takeaways from ilario Liburni’s Q&A

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