Ro Minimal: Polyrhythm texture Patch with NI Reaktor Blocks from scratch (hands on jam)

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00:00 – Important intro 🙂
00:23 – The story behind this video
01:10 – Example sound: What we’re going to create in this video
03:05 – Screenrecording & No talking: Starting Ableton Ro minimal Reaktor texture patch
06:05 – Adding Modulation to morph filter
07:15 – creating polyrhythm inside reaktor blocks’s clock divider
08:14 – Duality OSC: creating modulation based on reaktor blocks’s clock divider
10:32 – adding context sounds: Drums
11:31 – adding effects to spice it up
13:31 – Adding filler effect trigger
14:33 – evolving polyrhythm patch example
15:56 – adding bassline
16:23 – adjusting bassline patch reaktor blocks
17:17 – adding another texture patch reaktor blocks
17:34 – adding quick groovy hihat patterns with hats4dayz & 128’s
19:55 – Adjusting Rominimal Dark texture patch
21:30 – Another Dark Rominimal Texture patch

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