Ro minimal: “minimum effective dose” for mixing: How much processing is needed for a good mix?

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How much processing is actually needed to create an average sounding mix that potential can play in the field of other pro producers mixes out there? That’s what I’m going to tackle in this video.

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00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Minimum effective dose for mixing explained
01:48 – The mindset of getting good enough
02:55 – If you struggle to get the low’s right, this section is for you
03:27 – 3 steps to take to get a “good enough” mix
05:05 – Screen recording: How to get a track to a point where it’s good enough – no talking
05:23 Level matching
08:06 – Tonal Balance control to spot problem areas
10:00 – clean out some low’s
15:41 – adding some frequencies to fill the gaps a little bit with an exciter
19:39 – EQ-ing (Additive)
20:37 – adding “glue” and vibe on the master channel
21:39 – quick loudness level check (LUFS)
22:51 – M/S comrpession Masterchannel to make it more 3D sounding and a bit wider
24:49 – tackling harsh Hihats
25:49 – Comparing rough mix vs mixed result (A/B)
27:06 – Compare FX chain: What is it actually doing to the track (level matched)
28:50 – compare stereofield to reference track
29:21 Summarized

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