Ro minimal Kicks Ableton: Foolproof strategy to create custom rominimal Kicks in Ableton Live

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

Time stamps:

00:00 – How to create ro minimal kicks inside Ableton
00:23 – The strategy we’re going to follow to create ro minimal Kicks in Ableton Live
02:46 – Audible Example Ro minimal Kick Ableton Live Breakbeat style
04:51 – Starting a ro minimal Kick in Ableton from scratch
06:34 – The Audio Source for creating ro minimal kicks in Ableton
07:31 – Creating ro minimal kick pattern ro minimal breakbeat
08:34 – the secret for more groove in a ro-minimal kick pattern: Velocity
10:17 – The real power of ro minimal kicks: Layering for more nuance and complexity
12:57 – taking out boominess from the kick with Ableton’s Channel EQ
13:45 – adding a Top click to the rominimal kick
15:10 – adding another layer to our ro minimal ableton kick
18:00 – adding processing to the rominimal kick inside Ableton
21:52 – creating rominimal kicks with Abletons Operator
25:00 – creating rominimal kick Ableton: Operator experimenting with LFO to create a top layer snapp
26:18 – rominimal kick Ableton: synthesizing the kick with pitch envelope
30:35 – summarized the whole process of designing rominimal kicks in Ableton

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