Ro-minimal: If your Track or Arrangement feels incomplete, think in those 4 sections

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack inspired by Petre inspirescu, Barac and so on to quickly kick off your next track with a deep rolling kick:


Sometimes it happens to me and other rominimal & micro house producers out there that we’re unsure if we have enough or too little elements in a track.

In this video I want to give you a little mindset of thinking in 4 different sections for your tracks to find out if you have enough elements in your rominimal or micro house tracks and how to spot the “holes” in your tracks.


Time Stamps:

00:00 – How to know when you should stop adding things to your arrangement / tracks
00:41 – Soft but snappy ro minimal Ableton Live Kick Template inspired by Barac, Petre inspirescu and so on.
01:31 – Background Story of this video
02:28 – For what I use loops for (rominimal)
02:55 – Background story about mastering rominimal tracks
05:58 – Audible rominimal Example of how to think about adding new things
10:35 – How it sounds if your rominimal track lacks an element of the “lower mids”
12:26 – How it sounds if your rominimal track lacks an element of “lower highs”
14:23 – Thinking of in frequency and instrumentation helps your rominimal track
16:05 – Ask yourself those 3 simple questions if you don’t know if you need more or less elements in your tracks.

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