Ro minimal: How to create dark ro-minimal tracks (Track breakdown)- Vadim Oslov inspired

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

I was inspired recently by some darker vibe ro minimal tracks like from Vid or Vadim Oslov.

I just started a new project today morning and wanted to make a little track breakdown for you on what I was using for this darker vibe ro minimal tracks.

Hope it helps & inspires you.

Time Table:

00:00 – Darker Ro-minimal Vibe track intro
01:27 – Ro minimal Kick Ableton Template
02:24 – Audible Example of the track that we’re going to breakdown (ro minimal dark vibe)
03:55 – inspiration from Vid & Vadim Oslov (EP)
04:49 – Ro-minimal Drums & Low-end breakdown
06:12 – How to create ro-minimal low tom kind of basses
09:10 – adding ro minimal percussion sounds
10:50 – adding dark vibe ro-minimal textures
12:50 – How to create midi notes for ro minimal texture sounds
13:05 – how to find darker vibe texture sounds
13:59 – How to steal midi notes from loops for your ro-minimal textures without any music knowledge
15:21 – Adding ro minimal Rhythmic texture (jamming)
16:30 – Adding more dark ro minimal rhythmical textures via Max4live devices
17:55 – Adding groove with Effects on rhythmical texture
19:00 – summing it all up

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