Ro Minimal: How to create a darker vibe ro minimal track (jam session no talking)

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:


Main Timetable:

0:16 – What we’re going to make (Audio Snippet Ro minimal dark vibe inside Ableton)

0:39 – Watch this first (some information about the video and the 70% rule)

2:57 – How to make a ro minimal dark vibe track (Jam session no Talking) start with patch

8:51 – inspect Reaktor Blocks modular texture recording for usable stuff

10:02 – adding some main drums with Ableton’s instant haus

12:40 – editing some textures from reaktor blocks recordings

14:00 – new bassline that fits better (remember 70% rule, we went on just to have something
there, than adjust later in the process)

15:11 – some background noise to fill the space for your ro minimal track

16:56 – testing different drum patterns for the arrangement

18:08 – adding some quirky percussion sounds

20:50 – moving from basic loop to arrangement view as quickly as possible – recording the parts

21:44 – final sound snippet

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