Ro minimal: How Ableton stock plugins & Arturia’s drumbrute lead to a Mihigh inspired track

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

Time stamps:

00:00 – Why and how this video can help you for your rominimal production in ableton live
00:56 – Rominimal Ableton Live Kick Template
02:33 – Audio Example of mihigh inspired rominimal track
04:52 – Fundamentals of this darker rominimal track that you can adjust to your own ableton projects
05:16 – What tool i used to create a dark rominimal bassline
07:43 – How to make a dark ro minimal kick inside Ableton Live
08:48 – How to make a dark rominimal low-end making even more rolling
10:14 – Crunchy and dark dynamic rominimal claps
13:57 – How to process a simple vocal into trippy rominimal vocals within a few seconds
18:34 – Dark Rominimal Texture ableton live effect chain to make it more dynamic and interesting
19:23 – Reaktor Blocks for rominimal SFX sounds
20:57 – Dark Rominimal Textures with grain scanner – Ableton Live max4live
21:55 – how to make a midi track inside your rominimal track more interesting and dynamic sounding with Ableton stock plugins
24:03 – How to make your rominimal hihats and tops more groove
25:06 – How to make custom abstract rominimal texture bursts
27:27 – Your next action steps for your next rominimal ableton Live project

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