Ro minimal: Going Modular – VCV rack vs Reaktor Blocks which one is better to start with?

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:
Synthorial: (Affiliate link)
Hey there recently I decided to start to learn a new skill set altogether which is modular synthesis. I was confused by options out there and took quite a bit of time to decide whiche one is the “best” option for beginners who just want to get started with modular like I do.

At the very end of this Video I lay out my 5 step “learning Strategy” plan that you can adapt if you want to learn a similar skillset or Modular in general.

Resources mentioned in the video:
NI Reaktor 6 Player includes 24 Modules for free:
Patch & Tweak:

Exploring modular synthesis

Chris meyer modular courses:
Affordable hardware modular set under 500 EUR:
AE Modular (cardboard faceplates):
Hope it helps and improves your future rominimal tracks.

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