Ro minimal: 7 tools from NI that you can use to spice up your ro-minimal tracks (jam)

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:
My intention with this video was to start a track with some NI tools that are my current favourite ones that I used over the last few weeks in my studio. My goal was to create some ro-minimal breakbeat style tracks something that I heard from Prichindel DJ for example.

So i pulled up Ableton and had no idea where it leads me to. I think on some level I lose it but I think there’s some pretty good stuff in there that I can use to further develop that ro-minimal track.

Time stamps:

00:00 – Why & How this video is helpful for your rominimal tracks
02:32 – ro minimal Ableton Live Jam Session Tool 1: L3 for breakbeat drum fillers
04:36 – rominimal Ableton: adding weird textures with Tool 2: Reaktor 6 Newsool
10:18 – rominimal Ableton: Adding some mid sequence with Tool 3:NI Reaktor’s Aerobic
12:31 – ro minimal Ableton: adding percussion with Tool 4: NI Reaktor’s Rhythmmaker
14:51 – rominimal Ableton: Adding Tonal stuff with Tool 5: NI Reaktor’s AKKORD
18:08 – rominimal Ableton: Adding Some variation to Tonal Sound with Tool 6: NI’s RAUM
20:33 – rominimal Ableton: Great for Breakbeat acoustic layers: Tool 7: NI Kontakt Drumlab
23:59 – final thoughts and the strategy to implement new tools into your workflow without feeling overwhelmed.

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