Ro minimal: 4 Tools to make your minimal track fuller sounding without adding any new instruments

►► Inspired by Petre inspirescu, Barac and other Minimal Artists: Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack inspired by Petre inspirescu, Barac and so on to quickly kick off your next track with a deep rolling kick:


The other day I experimented with another dark ro minimal track and with some textures. I liked what I heard, but I wanted to make a little bit more “complex” sounding but not adding anything new in order of sound source like a new synth or whatever because I thought the track is already filled in the whole frequency spectrum. What was not so filled was the space in a 3D kind of way like front back middle and so on. So I went on and experimented with some tools.

So in this video you’ll learn what 4 tools I use the most at the moment to add such things without adding any new instrument to the actually project but who still can help to increase the fullness and complexity of your ro minimal / micro house track. Some tools are Ableton Live Stock plugins only so you don’t even need to buy anything new.

Hope you enjoy.
Cheers Silvano


Time Stamps:

00:00 – The secret sauce to rominimal and minimal tracks in general
00:38 – The strategy we’re going to use for our dark rominimal track’s textures synths & soundscapes
01:34 – Soft but snappy ro-minimal Ableton Live Kick Template
01:51 – how to get ruffin’s instant minimal device
03:09 – Ro minimal Ableton Live Example that we’re going to work with in this video
05:13 – make a simple rominimal synth sound more complex sounding with the “Layering with effects” technique
09:52 – How to spice up dark ro minimal textures & background soundscapes
12:10 – How to spice up dark ro minimal textures in Ableton Live with stock plugins
14:58 – Ro minimal “talking synth” spiced up with Ableton Stock plugins
15:58 – Ableton’s Frequency shifter plugin for swirls in your Ro minimal tracks
17:00 – Rominimal Ableton: Big A/B: All Tools bypassed vs. ON: How is the track changing with and without all the little tools?
18:57 – Summarized all Rominimal tools to make synths and soundscapes more complex sounding and fill up the gabs
19:06 – Alternative to Looperator (Ableton Live Pack – Free)

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