Micro House: Is this the best tool to make Micro House tracks Inspired by Teluric,Janeret, Miroloja?

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

How can we make some interesting, complex sounding sequenced rominimal & micro house rhythms that make people dance and move without spending hours creating them?

In this week’s video you’ll get the answer on how to do this in a hands on way, and you’ll also learn how to spice up and re-use sounds that are already in your track so you don’t need to search for synth presets but rather having fun while coming up with new sounds and alternative sounds to the sounds that are already there.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Make sequenced rhythmic synth sounds for your rominimal & micro house tracks
01:16 – Soft but snappy Ro-minimal / Micro House Ableton Live Kick Template
02:43 – Some Micro House Vinyl Releases that inspired me for this track from Joule – Janeret, Miroloja, Teluric
04:45 – Audio example inspired by micro house by Janeret, Miroloja, Teluric etc.
05:50 – Ableton Session Explaining the sound source for the pad sounds etc.
06:37 – Synth Sounds in solo
07:17 – Tool 01 for those sounds as sound sources
08:53 – Creating another rhythmic synth Layer for our micro house track with things that are already there
09:27 – First try: Demo mode & jamming out some hands on ideas – Works at first try!
09:57 – Micro House Rhythmic Synth Sequence with Tantra 2
14:01 – New Layered sound for our micro house track
16:27 – Another example for Tantra 2 and how it can be used for rhythmic rominimal & micro house sequences
18:19 – Using the layered sound inside the arrangement as a “C” Section for our micro house track
21:42 – Trying another layer and some SFX sounds as another layer to spice up your micro house track’s arrangement
24:59 – Adding SFX sound into our micro house track’s arrangement
26:58 – Volume Automation to add focus on our newly created sounds inside our micro house track
29:53 – Final thoughts about this video, quick summarization

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