How to transform loops HD 1080p

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How far can you get if you limit yourself to use ableton stock plugin effects only for your rominimal tracks?

For some reason I always thought that they must be “not good” enough and that I need to get 3rd party plugins.

Don’t get me wrong: Third party plugins are great and they can inspire in great ways.

But also, sometimes limitation can inspire us and that’s what I’m doing for the last couple weeks by using Ableton Stock effects, synths etc. only.

I still like the results and I think it doesn’t really matter what we use to make sound. As long as we have fun and satisfies us, we’re all good, right?

So yeah, if you want some inspiration for yourself to use Ableton Stock plugins to make music, here’s some inspiration in this little random jam session, Hope you like it.

Cheers Silvano

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