How To Make Your First Minimal House Track In Ableton – KIMBA’S ACADEMY ULTIMATE BEGINNERS COURSE

In this video, you will get an insight into my new Ultimate Beginner’s Course. I share one of my course tutorials where you will learn how to build your first House drum loop in Ableton.

We are also now accepting Klarna’s one-time card as a payment option for Kimba’s Coaching and the Ultimate Beginners Course. Klarna’s one-time card is a virtual single-use card that can be used at each store check out like any regular credit card. Your one-time card allows you to split the total amount into instalments and follows a specific payment plan that you manage with Klarna.

Each time you create a one-time card with Klarna, you will receive a unique card number you can use to purchase the Ultimate Beginners Course or for the 6 week coaching plan as you would with a regular debit or credit card.

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