How to create Ro-minimal Percussive SFX with Modular (Reaktor Blocks-Patch) adaptable to VCV rack

►► Download my Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here
(inspired by Petre inspirescu, Barac and other romanian artists, it’s fully customisable to your very own needs):

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Contents of video:

00:00 – Introduction
0:24 – The beauty of creativity
2:57 – How to think about the different modules inside a Modular patch
6:06 – Patch preview
7:23 – Patch preview solo
8:17 – Reaktor Blocks rominimal Percussion texture Patch
10:35 – The Core building blocks for glitchy sounds
14:57 – Patch breakdown in detail
18:28 – patch schematics for adapting to VCV rack for example
19:34 – how to think about modular patching to get your desired results

Patch and tweak schematics for adaption to VCV rack:

If your not comfortable with all the building blocks of a synth, I highly recommend learning the synth fundamentals with “Syntorial”:


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Let me know in the comments if I should adapt or experiment with such a ro-minimal patch and create a patch inside VCV rack.

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