How to create Ro-minimal modular percussion sounds in Ableton Live without using a modular system

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Audio comparison “real” modular sample pack recording vs. Ableton Live created one
00:57 – Approach on how to make modular sounds for your rominimal tracks inside Ableton
01:31 – Download my Soft but snappy rominimal Kick template
02:16 – The rominimal track that we work with in this video
03:47 – How to think about the sounds itself and the tools we need
05:54 – What creates the sounds
06:53 – The main fundamental ingredients to create rominimal modular sounds inside Ableton
07:15 – Setup the “Rulos” aka Plaits for creating our modular sounds
08:35 – Our best friend: LFO & random waveform to modulate the layers
10:57 – creating the different layers for rulos
12:07 – spice it up with Ableton Stock effects
13:30 – adding the “grain delay” for more interesting modular rominimal sounds
15:02 – using “resonator” to make metallic bell kind of sounds
17:07 – print to audio – working with clips audio
18:14 – the sounds we created in context in a rominimal track
19:32 – comparing sample recording from euro rack module vs. our “Ableton Version”
20:07 – Summarize all the crucial steps again
21:02 – My free gift to you: My Soft but snappy ro-minimal kick Template

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