Here’s how to make ro-minimal modular bass lines on a budget

►► Download the Free Ableton Live Ro-minimal Kick Rack here:

Can you save 1000 bucks in hardware modular modules and still be able to make modular style basslines for your rominimal tracks?

You already know the answer because you know vcv rack, right?

So the answer is yes, of course.

So for this weeks video I want to share a simpel rominimal bass line patch that I came up with combining an ableton max4 live device with a vcv rack patch and showing you what it’s capable of doing and we do so with a handful of hardware clones that normally would cost us more than 1000 bucks if we would buy them in hardware.

But in vcv rack and max4live they are for free so you can benefit from the hardware vibe but for a fraction of the costs.

All about VCV RACK:

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Can you save 1000+ bucks on Modular gear to create rominimal basslines inside Ableton Live?
01:40 – Free Soft but snappy Ableton Live rominimal kick template
02:22 – Rominimal Bassline Jam Session Start (not 100% there yet)
02:58 – Simple playback direction change to make a change in your rominmal bassline
04:50 – rominimal modular “tom like” bass line
05:41 – Different vibe for your rominimal modular bassline with t-wrex bitcrusher effect
06:23 – Jam Session Part 2 (rominimal modular bass creation)
07:48 – Let’s quickly explaining the simple rominimal bass line patch
09:10 – Explaining the patch in more detail
10:05 – Thinking in these 4 different fundamental categories helps me (and hopefully you too) to understand modular better
18:17 – Using Ableton’s LFO to control parameters inside VCV Rack for our rominimal bassline
20:28 – Final thoughts about VCV, Ableton Live and rominimal

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