Dark abstract Rominimal track Start – Finish Series (Part 1 – Drums / Kick / Texture Hits)

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This is the first video of a several part Series (don’t know how many it will be yet) taking you from scratch and building up slowly a track.

I basically was just producing and screen captured the whole process, now stripped down into different parts.

Sometimes ro minimal production can feel like having a big rock in front of you while trying to sculpt something worth looking at out of that giant rock. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. For this track it took me around 30 min testing and experimenting until I found something to focus on.

Hope you like the video and find something good in it.

Time Stamps:

00:00 – Explaining this 4-6 Part Rominimal Dark Start – Finish Series
00:57 – Soft but snappy ro-minimal Ableton Live Kick Template
01:43 – Synthesizing Ro minimal Kick in Ableton Live
02:32 – Adding Ro minimal bassline, experimenting with different tools.
02:41 – Creating a Rominimal / Micro House Bassline with Reaktor 6 Aerobic groovebox
05:49 – Adding Hihats
10:06 – spicing up the rominimal drums with Ableton Stock plugins
10:59 – LFO controlling randomness with frequency shifter on some percussion kind of rominimal drums
14:32 – adding straight hihats
15:15 – Adding Abstract texture hits
16:53 – Adding Snare drum fills
17:34 – Cut unwanted sounds from Loops: Using Ableton’s Clip envelope to adjust the snare fills
18:17 – Adding Ableton’s Stock plugins to make the ro-minimal snare more “dirty”.
18:56 – Adding Low-tom for a bit more low-end groove for our darker vibe rominimal track
21:11 – Adding lower dark abstract hits to our rominimal track
26:00 – Key Takeaways from Part 1 and what you can expect for the next parts. Important: apply 70% rule for your rominimal productions to move it forward.

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