Arapu inspired: Know these 7 musical elements to write better rominimal & micro house tracks

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Do you know the 7 Musical elements of a classical piece of music that we can adapt to rominimal & micro house so you can write better, more interesting, groove driven and full sounding rominimal and micro house tracks and transform them into an interesting arrangement so your tracks don’t sound loopy?

If not, this video is for you.

In case you sometimes have the feeling that something is missing in your tracks or if you find that your arrangement is not flowing so nicely like you would want it to or if you simply want to gain some more clarity of the production game and want to learn more what building blocks you can use to create an engaging, quality rominimal or micro house track.

The 7 Musical Elements consists of:

Timinig of the sounds – long short is the kick or the bass long or short and so on.

Dynamics in a micro and macro view:
Volume of the individual sounds
Volume overall: dynamic of the arrangement

The overall sound or vibe of the track

The unique sounds and how do they sound- Sound design
How does the kick, bass, claps, synths, etc. sound

How is it arranged

Layers that support the melody or pitches (Refer to why I always use the term of “recylcing audio”)

Melody / Pitch
A sequence of different pitches



00:00 – Intro and how the 7 elements can help you out in your rominimal production
01:00 – Soft but snappy kick Template Rominimal Ableton
02:29 – Arapu track that inspired me
05:29 – Seven Musical elements you can adapt to rominimal & Micro house production to write quality tracks that can compete with your idols
09:23 – The mistake beginner rominimal & micro house producers often do
10:29 – Arapu inspired rominimal track Ableton walkthrough
33:31 – Summary of the whole video and your action steps to grow and improve as a rominimal producer
38:03 – Your action steps

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