Achieve Pro Level Sound: Simplifying Mix Referencing for Rominimal Music

►► Download the Free Ableton Live One tool Preset Pack here to improve your rominimal tracks:
In the past, I used to reference tracks by downloading them, leveling them, and analyzing them with tools like Ableton Live’s analyzer. But today, we have powerful, free tools that allow us to draw ‘target tonal balance’ curves from any sound source on our computer.

With these tools, you can preview vinyl-only tracks from your favorite rominimal and micro house artists and capture their tonal balance. Then, you can compare your own track and make improvements effortlessly. Are the lows too quiet or too loud? Are the tops just right, or are the mids too pronounced?

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how I quickly improved a track I’m working on and how you can do the same. Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and importing files – it’s all made easy in this tutorial.


Resource mentioned in the video:


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