WTF Is Glue?

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Nate’s back with us to look at the concept of ‘Glue’ in music production and why it’s important for the listener.

When you’re listening to a band or an orchestra, they are performing in the same space, whether it be on stage or in a studio. With a DAW, this isn’t immediately the case – you’re bringing in unrelated sounds, synths, loops, and samples from different sources.

In this video, we check out some tools and methods we can use to ‘glue’ these different elements together so they’re sitting in the same space, reducing the complexity of the track for the listener and making it more appealing.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:27 – So what is it?
01:42 – Why it can be a problem?
02:54 – Unprocessed example
03:32 – Extreme Example to illustrate ‘Glue’
04:43 – Reverb
06:26 – Saturation
08:17 – Compression
11:14 – Result
12:07 – Introducing a live element trick
13:43 – Conclusion

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