Trance Piano

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Bluffmunkey’s back with another quick video as part of Trace Takeover, and following on from his ‘Trance Essentials Tech Tips’, ‘Rolling Basslines’ video and recent ‘Trance Percussion’ tutorial, we now take a look at that definitive Trance Piano – you know the one right?

Yeah… you definitely do because it crops up time and time again and is proving to be a timeless classic. Here we show how to achieve that sound using ANA 2.5’s multisamples and use of effects to get that perfect piano for your breakdowns.

Check it out!

00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – What is it?
00:58 – Example
02:34 – Piano Sample Choice
04:50 – Chorus
05:33 – Delay
06:18 – Reverb
06:32 – Compression
07:22 – EQ
08:36 – No Effects
09:00 – With Effects
09:29 – Different Piano Sample

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