Trance Percussion

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Continuing with our Trance Takeover and following on from Bluffmunkey’s first-class ‘Rolling Basslines’ video, he’s back with a new Tech Tip that’ll help expand your Trance knowledge by looking at some techniques when adding percussion.

Going through the individual layers of hi-hats, shakers, claps and a percussive loop, we check out how to get that driving rhythm using velocity and layers to gel the different elements together.

Check it out!

00:00 – Introduction
00:23 – Demo
01:37 – Other elements
02:48 – Fundamentals of Percussion
03:25 – Kick Bass and Percussion
03:43 – Loop
04:13 – Hi-Hats
06:01 – Shakers
07:59 – Elements Breakdown
09:15 – Clap
10:15 – Processing
11:52 – Relation to FX
12:52 – Conclusion

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