Tech Tips Volume 79 with P-LASK – Bass Theory

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Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 79 – Bass Theory.

Over these ten videos, Ableton certified trainer and Sonic Academy favourite P-LASK takes a deep dive into one of the most fundamental areas in dance music – the low end.

We start by looking at the different frequencies certain bass elements occupy before designing our own adaptable classic bass sounds to use in our tracks, including the Reese Bass, Analog Moog-Style Bass, FM, Acid and more.

This course uses Ableton Live and ANA 2, but all the techniques shown can be transferred to any synth of your choice.

Check it out, and learn how to create your own unique bass patches to be the foundation of your tracks!

00:00 – Introduction
01:19 – Sub and Tonal Differences
05:39 – Sub and Tonal Frequencies

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