Mr. Bill – Ableton Tutorial 68 – Granular Synthesis

In this tutorial, I provide an explanation of a technique that I use frequently in my productions: granular synthesis!

Check out these tools / links:

Glitchmachines – Palindrome:


Robert Henke – Granulator II:

Unfiltered Audio – Sandman Pro:

GRM Tools – Freeze:

Melda MGranularMB:

Link to the video on Clyph X Pro:

Massive thanks to Patons supporting here – you guys are the ones driving me to do this again:

We just hit our first milestone on the Patreon page, and are going to begin drafting our next big series i.e. “The Art of Mr. Bill – Season 4” & another new series.

Shout out to Gardnsound (for editing this video). If you like this, you’ll probably also like his content:

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