MIDI Effects to Generate Ambient Pads & Chords (Tech Tips Vol. 70 Introduction)

Watch ‘Tech Tips Volume 70 – Ambient Pads with P-LASK’ here: https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/tech-tips-volume-70-with-p-lask

Back by popular demand and with an all-new set of Tech Tips P-LASK dives into the world of ambient drones, atmospheres, pads and textures using simple but super effective techniques in Ableton Live 11.

From easily creating chords in a set scale to manipulating any audio snippet of your choice into something completely unrecognisable that evolves over time, this course is packed full of tips and tricks that will open your eyes to what this adaptive DAW is capable of.

As always, Paul’s tutorials are super-easy to follow along but give really creative results that can be used in any genre of music and will take your skillz to the next level.

If you own Ableton definitely check this set of Tech Tips out!

[ Video Chapters ]
00:00 Introduction to MIDI Effects to Generate Ambient Pads & Chords
01:47 MIDI effects to generate chords

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