History of Bass Music and Two ANA2 Growls!

Taken from Tech Tips Volume 65 ‘Bass Music Essentials’ with Haterade – watch all the videos here: https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/tech-tips-volume-65-with-haterade

Welcome to Tech Tips Volume 65 with Haterade.

Over these 10 videos, we’re diving headfirst into the growls, wubs, and grit of Bass Music. From the underground origins in the early Noughties when UK Garage and Dub Reggae merged to form Dubstep to the ton of subgenres we have today, Haterade looks at some awesome techniques and sound-design tips and tricks that’ll give you the basics of getting your tracks to sound sick as!

Check it.

[ Chapters ]
00:00 The History of Bass Music
02:40 Trap Music
04:17 Making a Growl Bass in ANA 2

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