Happy Accidents In Music Production

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It’s one of the best feelings when sitting at your DAW producing music, you’re messing about and something just clicks, you know it sounds amazing and everyone’s going to love it!

Well, Protoculture’s back with some sage advice on how to increase the chances of these ‘Happy Accidents’ occurring in your music productions. From setting aside time to experiment with unconventional methods and recording everything you do to using modular synthesis to help create random events and chord assistants that take you away from the norm, there’s definitely a few simple things we can do while learning our craft that’ll help those magical moments come along more often.

Check out these awesome tips and find those sparks of inspiration more often!

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Get Hands On
05:24 Record Everything
07:56 Preset Diving
11:11 Unlearn What You’ve Learnt
15:57 Sometimes It’s The Small Things

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