Found Sounds LoFi (Course Intro & Overview)

Taken from Tech Tips Volume 76 – Found Sounds Lofi with Haterade:

Haterade’s back with us once again, and in these set of Tech Tips he’s checking out how to make an awesome Lofi track using nothing but sounds recorded on his phone!

From super smooth kicks, snares, hats and shakers to ethereal pads, plucks and top lines – Noah uses Ableton’s samplers, wavetables and granular devices to design all the sounds he needs to make an entire track from scratch.

This is such a cool way to make a unique track using sounds no one else has, and what’s more, once crafted, you can save your sounds and use them again and again.

Check it out!

[Video Chapters]
00:00 Introduction
00:44 Sounds Play Through
04:44 Xbox Sound FX

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