Design your own Heavy Reese Bass 🔥

Taken from Tech Tips Volume 89:

Haterade’s back with a new set of Tech Tips, and this time he’s focussing on designing your own classic baddass Drum’n’Bass sounds.

Starting by creating a classic D’n’B drum loop, he then dives into sound design using ANA 2 and predominantly Ableton stock plugins to build some gritty evolving Bass sounds that you can use in your tracks.

From the classic Heavy Reese and Neuro Bass to using Ring Mods and Oscillator phase to get that high-end wobble, these Tech Tips will show you the techniques and effects to go for when designing your sounds.

Hope you’ve got some good speakers!

Check it out!

00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – MIDI and Clip Envelope
00:38 – Oscillators
01:37 – Additional Sub
02:48 – Processing
09:54 – Result

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