Cloning Super Rare Hardware!

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If you’re anything like our good friend Matt, aka King Unique, and you have an unhealthy addiction to purchasing obscure hardware, you’ll need to sell it on before you lose your partner or your home gets repossessed!
Not to worry – we have a solution for you…

In this video, we look at how we can salvage our favourite sounds before selling or just for ease of use and save them to use again in our DAW – all thanks to a ‘Deconvolution’ plugin.

So if you own some hardware that’s become an ornament, but has ‘that sound’ you can’t get anywhere else, you need to check this out!

00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Deconvolution Plugins
01:40 – Basics of Impulse Response
02:41 – Convolution Reverb
03:22 – How it’s done
05:34 – The Sony TA-2244
09:42 – Recording the Impulse Response
12:50 – Testing the result
14:25 – New options
16:28 – Limitations
17:20 – What you can clone

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