Can you mix without EQ and Compression?

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Bluffmunkey’s back with a video where he looks at getting your mix right before you even think about dragging an EQ or Compressor onto the channel and how to go about it.

There are three concepts to think about here, demonstrated in the video – Time, Frequency and Space – but ultimately, it’s all about choosing the right sound to begin with.

This is a super-useful lesson for all abilities, and could save you valuable time that you would’ve spent rectifying the wrong sound with EQ or Compression.

Check it out!

00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – Idea and concept
00:57 – Time
07:35 – Choosing the right sound
10:24 – Levels
13:34 – Time and Space
15:28 – Pitch/Frequency
22:03 – Space
25:20 – Conclusion

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