Adding Depth To Trance Basslines in FL Studio with James Dymond

Taken from Tech Tips Volume 59 – FL Studio Special with James Dymond:

Calling all FL Studio users!

Tech Tips Volume 59 is here and we’re proud to welcome back Trance legend James Dymond for a ton of pro tricks and tips to get your tracks sounding the best they can.

From easily creating your own melodic atmospheres, adding depth to your basslines or drive to your percussion to getting vocals sounding great and awesome workflow tips to speed up your creativity, these ten videos are packed full of ideas.

There’s a lot to get through so go check it out!

00:00 Basslines Overview
02:00 Basslines Breakdown
02:50 How To Create Moving Basslines
05:00 Sylenth Bassline
07:00 Adding FX
15:03 Audio One Shot Bassline

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