Taken from Tech Tips Volume 56 available now here: https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/tech-tips-volume-56-with-bluffmunkey

Bluffmunkey’s with us from his studio this week for a set of Tech Tips that will help you make the most of your workspace along with any pieces of external kit you have or are thinking of getting your hands on.

If you’re looking to expand your studio beyond the realms of software, then this is an absolute must-watch as we cover MIDI, Controller connectivity, Latency, Microphones and more.

We’ll help you tackle the areas that can slow you down and become frustrating when working with hardware so you can get on with the reason you’re in the studio – to make awesome music!

Check out all the tips here: https://www.sonicacademy.com/courses/tech-tips-volume-56-with-bluffmunkey

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