Making a complete Track START TO FINISH Ableton Live 11 Tutorial Beginners

Starting with Ableton Live 11: Making a Deep Melodic House Track Start to Finish Ableton Live only
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In this video, we are making a Melodic House, Deep House track completely from scratch in Ableton Live 11. We are only using Ableton stock built-in instruments and effects (no 3rd party plugins). Also used: some of our drum sounds which you can download for free. Have fun exploring Ableton Live 11 together with PML tutor Jules / Bound To Divide.

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00:10 Listening to the Track
01:05 DOWNLOAD Samples being used (no email needed)

The Melodics
01:34 Making a Background Drone
04:07 Writing the Chord Progression
10:16 Making the Pluck / Kalimba
16:47 Replacing the Piano with a Pad
17:52 Processing the Kalimba / Pluck
19:22 Building the Bassline
23:04 Writing Notes with Flute Sound
27:10 Atmospheric /Fx Pluck with Operator
34:34 Renaming and Organising Trucks

The Drums:
37:53 Adding the Kick
40:50 Sidechaining Kick & Bass
44:04 The Clap
45:48 Off Hat-Loop
46:41 Shaker Loop
47:35 Percussion Loops

The Arrangement
50:40 Starting to Arrange the Track
54:10 Starting to Subtract/Arranging
56:03 Automation as Part of Arranging
56:57 Applying Changes to keep it interesting
59:13 The Breakdown
1:02:22 the Climax
1:03:36 Adding Variation to the Flute Melody
1:05:18 Another Layer of Kalimba
1:07:30 Flute Transition
1:09:43 White Noise Sweep
1:14:30 Making the Intro and First Drop
1:19:40 Working on the Breakdown
1:21:58 Quick Master
1:22:58 Listening to the Result

1:27:01 Goodbye


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